6 Ribs Parasol Tilting Outdoor Umbrella Frame


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6 Ribs Parasol Tilting Outdoor Umbrella Frame

Dimension (D x H): 265 x 240cm

Material: metal

Feature: Ideal for your garden, backyard or patio setting. 

Wholesales: ≥1 PCS, 120.75AED

Wholesales: ≥12 PCS, 105AED

6 Ribs Parasol Tilting Outdoor Umbrella Frame



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Color: khaki Package: 1 piece Type: Outdoor Umbrella frame
SKU: umbrella2.7-6W-O-COV


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Tilt Umbrella Replacement Frames feature the convenient tilting function that operates via the crank. After the umbrella is fully deployed, just continue turning the handle to achieve the right amount of tilt to shade your location. This frame is available in  powder-coated aluminum finishes and will fit  canopies with 6 ribs.

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