Horticultural Decorative Landscaping Stones


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Horticultural Decorative Landscaping Stones


Material: stone

Weight:  5kg/bag

   SIZE: 3-6mm

Wholesales: ≥1 PCS, 10.50AED

Wholesales: ≥12 PCS, 9.45AED

Wholesales: ≥51 PCS, 8.40AED

Horticultural Decorative Landscaping Stones



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Color: coffee Package: 5kg/ pck SKU: Stone-vol-3-6mm


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IDEAL DRAINAGE: These stones are all natural and organic. Ideal for pots with no drainage holes you can place the stones at the bottom of the planter so the water can pool without drowning the roots. Stones are porous and will absorb and slowly release excess water back to the plant. Perfect for preventing root rot.

PROFESSIONAL FORMULATION: This stones is made up professional formulation which keep its well drainage and also supply the necessary nutrition for plants growing. It is best for succulent hobbyist and other succulent lovers

MULTI USAGE: Stones not only can be used as a soil additive, or top dressing in the art of bonsai, or bottom layer, they but also can be used for ashtrays, garden soil amendment

OTHERS: The sizes of the pieces are 3 - 6 mm approximately and these stones are perfect for diffusing aromatherapy essential oils!But you need to cleaning until there are no impurities.

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