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Preserved Rose Flowers 10pcs Never Withered Roses Flower Box-Immortalflower-white

Preserved Rose Flowers Romantic Bouquet Natural Roses Immortal Flowers Gift for Girlfriend Party Wedding Mother’s Day Valentine's Day Anniversary


Handmade Preserved Red Rose Flowers Gift for Girlfriend 10pcs Natural Roses Flower Gift for Girlfriend Valentine's Day Mother’s Day Wedding Birthday Party Anniversary


Real Rose Flowers Preserved Immortal Flowers Forever Rose Eternal Never Withered Roses, Gift for Mother, Valentine's Day Anniversary Birthday


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Preserved Rose Flowers 10pcs Never Withered Roses Flower Box-Immortalflower-white



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sku: Immortalflower


Authenticity Guarantee 7 Days Return


·         Material: Natural preserved rose flowers

·         Color: Cream/Red/Dark Red/Pink/Dark Pink/Black/Dark Black/Blue/Dark Blue (As Pictures Show)

·         Can stay for 3-5 years to forever according to the environment, not withering.

·         Durable and environmental protection.

·         Great decoration for home, wedding party, club, office, etc.

·         Beautiful gift for Mother's Day, Valentine Day, birthday, lover or friend, and other special events.

·         No watering, do not place it outdoors, do not expose it directly to the sunlight, keep it away from environment of overheating or strong light.

·         Please keep it in clean, dry and ventilated place and away from moisture.

·         Gift for Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding and Thanks Giving Day.

·         Love forever, rose only for you.

·         A symbol of love, the true love is especially for you and the whole families and sweetheart you love.

·         Keep you love fresh and forever.

·         "preserved flower", Preservation "just as its name implies" kept fresh ".

·         Immortal rose is made of high-quality flowers with environmental chemical raw.

·         Through special processing, make it keep real flower pliability, freshness and beautiful.


Good Features than the real flower:


l  Can keep plants characteristics at long time and not wilt.

l  It will never die like a real rose

l  Can keep for 3 to 5 years.

l  No pollen. Pollen allergy crowd can also be normal enjoy flower.

l  Do not need watering, without day - to - day conservation.

l  No fade, no watering, None - allergy, no pollen, always look as fresh flowers

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